8 Things You & Your Friends Can Do on Weekends Instead of Going Out


Most young adults with newfound independence tend to spend their weekends going out.

While partying the night away followed by hungover brunches is certainly fun, it gets boring and tiring after a point. And not to mention outrageously expensive.

Are you looking for other ways to spend quality time with your friends? In this post, we’re sharing weekend activities such as an online hangout that won’t break the bank. Take a look.


Plan a Spa Weekend

Do you know what’s significantly better than downing Vodka Soda and waking up with a spilling headache? A spa day. Imagine a weekend of deep tissue massages, facials, aromatherapy, and other heavenly body treatments. Whether you have been working or studying hard, a spa weekend is the perfect way to revitalize your mind and body.


Arts & Crafts Day

We know doing arts and crafts may seem like an activity for preschoolers but hear us out. It is a fantastic way to spend time with your friends and get your creative juices flowing. Instead of just paints and canvases, we suggest taking it up a notch with soap making supplies. And maybe it will become your new favorite hobby!


Get Together for a Movie Marathon

There is nothing more comforting than a good ol’ movie night. Start by making your space cozy with comfy cushions and plush throw blankets. Pick out a bunch of movies and keep the wine flowing. Instead of going through the trouble of cooking, it would be best to order greasy pizzas. And of course, don’t forget tubs of ice cream!


Throw a Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a fantastic way to get your different groups of friends together. We understand that planning a dinner party can be quite overwhelming. But that’s what friends are for! Ask your friends to help you prepare a dinner, which can be a memorable experience as well. Rather than having a sit-down dinner, set up a ‘Make Your Own Tacos’ Bar.


Go on a Picnic

If you are looking for a wholesome idea, how about a lovely picnic in a park or on the beach? All you need is a blanket, a charcuterie board, and refreshing beverages. And don’t forget to pack sunscreen!


Game Night

A game night can be a million times more exciting than going to an overcrowded bar. You can take our word for it! Get a few of your favorite card and board games, divide your friends into teams, and get competitive. Cards Against Humanity, Catan, What Do You Meme?, HeadsUp, Catchphrase, and Jenga are a few of our top picks.


Go Thrifting

Retail therapy is another beloved activity that can hurt your wallet. With online shopping becoming so popular, when was the last time you went shopping in person? Invite your friends for a day of thrift shopping. Thrifting is not only affordable but also a sustainable way to upgrade your closet. You can make it into an entertaining challenge by picking out outfits for each other.


Create Content

Remember all those times when you got dressed to the nines but forgot to get a picture for the ‘gram? Well, you can undo such regrets by spending a night at home creating content for social media. Put together a few outfit options, do your hair and makeup, and get clicking. It’s time to revive and revamp your Instagram feed. You can also step out of your comfort zone and have an unforgettable time making Reels & TikTocs.

Though there is nothing wrong with going to parties, sometimes it’s way too much work. And you are bound to splurge on the outfit, cabs, makeup, and overpriced drinks. Hopefully, the aforementioned ideas will save you from another painful hangover and make the most of your weekends.




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