8 Summer Jewelry Trends You Should Know About



If there’s one thing we know, it’s that fine jewelry never goes out of style. A well-cut diamond, precious metal and fine gemstones have been coveted for centuries and will continue to hold a place in our hearts for the decades to come.

However, if you are looking to be at the cutting edge of jewelry such as an evil eye bracelet, or perhaps you want to spoil a loved one, here are the 8 top trends in the world of jewelry right now.

Bangles and Cuffs

With the Y2K style movement in full swing, sparkling bangles are back on people’s radars! Bangles are a fantastic gift choice for jewelry as sizing is less of an issue. Whether it’s a simple, metal bangle, or something a little more ornate, cuffs and bangles are the perfect addition to any jewelry-lovers collection.

Stackable Rings

A firm favourite for the last few years and no signs of slowing down! A stack of sparkling rings continues to be a style statement for summer 2022. We love mixing white and yellow gold for a multi-metal stack.

Cluster Rings

A traditional cluster is a central gemstone such as a sapphire or ruby, surrounding by diamonds. Unlike a halo, a cluster ring takes on a distinctive ‘floral’ shape which has now become synonymous with a vintage look. However, 2022 sees a revival of the vintage shape, as well as some stunning contemporary takes on the classic setting.

Chain Necklaces

Intricate chain necklaces and t-bat styles are taking centre stage in 2022. If you are considering a chain necklace, it is essential to opt for a precious metal and strong clasp. A well-crafted chain can last a lifetime, while cheaper options will break quickly.

Bespoke Rings

Engagement rings, anniversary rings, or simply a ‘treat yourself’ ring; whatever the occasion, more and more people are turning to bespoke jewelry services to created the ring of their dreams. Look for jewellers that can give step by step updates, CAD images and drawings like this jewelry store Washington DC. This way you can be kept up to date with the process and make sure your ring is as unique as you are.

Ankle Bracelets

Another throwback to the fashion of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the effortless beachy look of an anklet has found its way back into fashion. Like chains, look for precious metal anklets that will last year after year and withstand even the most vigorous beach activities!

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have always featured in the jewellery lovers box, but 2022 sees a move towards smaller, fine jewelry hoops that can be treasured for years. In particular, yellow gold has taken the crown and fine or even diamond studded gold hoops are proving a popular choice.


If you choose the right jewelry, expertly crafted and thoughtfully designed, it can be worn for a lifetime. Choosing jewelry to fit with trends is a must for fashion lovers, but where possible, selecting precious metals and hardwearing gemstones ensures you build up an impressive collection that can be enjoyed time and again.



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