7 Ways to Style Your Corduroy

Corduroy pants are not just comfortable outfits, you can also mix and match them with other clothing depending on where you are going and the event you wish to attend. However, if you are still trying to think about ways to do that, below are several ways to wear your Corduroy stylishly. Consider Impulse Boutique a fantastic go-to place for that fashionable info you are looking for.


1. Denim

While denim is known for being a casual outfit, matching it with Corduroy pants will always make you look in fashion. It can add flavor to your days as the two blends in ideally. For instance, you can grab a denim winter jacket and match it with your classic Corduroy during colder seasons. Apart from offering warmth and protection outdoors, these clothing pieces also look incredible.

Your toddler will also look cute wearing this combination while playing in the park with friends or attending a birthday party. Of course, remember to add a matching pair of shoes so he can move quickly wherever he goes.


2. Oversize Pants

To achieve that fantastic Gen Z look, match your Corduroy with a tiny purple tank top or other colors you wish. This outfit looks good even for older people who want to show their fashionable nature to their friends.

On the other hand, this combination is not advisable if you live in a freezing place, as it can make you sick over time. However, adding a jacket layer can help avoid that problem if you still want to try this outfit outdoors.


3. Smart Casual Combo

Have fun with your outfit by matching your classic pants with a  white button-down T-shirt. However, choose slimmer pants to avoid the dated buggy fashion of the 80s. It is also essential to avoid overdoing things on your outfit as it can affect the overall look that you want to achieve.

Don’t worry. These timeless pieces will look great with anything in your closet. You can wear this even if you’re having a late brunch with the family or celebrating at a friend’s house. The key is to put your spin on this ensemble and show the world how stylish you can be on a budget.


4. T-Shirts

Are you planning to go grocery shopping over the weekend yet still want to look fashionable? A simple T-shirt and Corduroy pants may be an ideal outfit for you.

Unlike other outfit ideas you may have seen online, T-shirts are comfortable clothing that you can match with almost anything, including classic Corduroy pants. You can even have fun by selecting other solid colors.

However, keep in mind to consider your skin color beforehand, as it can also affect the overall look of this outfit. In any case, you can achieve a fashionable look without being too formal while grocery shopping.


5. Cardigan

Embrace fall season fashionably by matching your favorite cardigan to classic Corduroy pants. This is a simple yet stylish outfit during lazy days when you want to spend the entire day at home with a mug of cocoa or a playlist of horror movies in your living room.

You can also run errands around town with a burgundy cardigan and corduroy pants. This outfit will make you look classy without sacrificing comfort. Aside from that, this combo complements each other, especially in autumn.


6. Corduroy blazer

Of course, another stylish way to wear Corduroy pants is to match them with a Corduroy blazer. While this combo is ideal for fall, keeping the rest of your outfit simple is essential to nail this fabulous look. For instance, you can match a turtle neck with this pair of classic pants to have that contrasty yet fashionable look. You can also include a scarf to add color to your outfit.

On the other hand, if you want to attend a formal event, this combo fits perfectly with high-heeled shoes or boots. It will give you a polished and classy look without taking so much effort.


7. Bodysuits

Show off that curve by grabbing a body suit alongside a brown Corduroy. This simple yet stylish trend  can help you achieve that sexy look anywhere.

While the latter is known for casual clothing, a body suit offers a sexy aura for anybody. For starters, a white bodysuit and corduroy pants fit perfectly well with each other, complementing a trim waistline without sacrificing style and fashion. You can also wear high-heeled shoes to pull off that gorgeous supermodel aura. This combo undoubtedly provides an outstanding balance for a casual and sexy look.


Be Stylish With Corduroy Pants

While it is true that Corduroy pants are among the most timeless pieces of fashion, you can never go wrong in mixing them with other outfits you have in your closet. Just make sure to choose something you are also comfortable with to enjoy an awesome OOTD. And yes, those fantastic ideas mentioned above will help make your fashion life easier!



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