7 Tips for Wearing Candy Colors in Your Outfits

As far as colors go, the candy-inspired palette—which includes colors like cotton candy pink, candy apple red, bubblegum blue, fruit soda orange, and candy forest green—is oftentimes a contentious one. Many people find it challenging to wear these colors because they’re afraid of looking like they’re trying too hard to appear overly youthful. Others tend to avoid loud candy colors because they clash with conventional go-to wardrobe staples.

It can’t be denied, however, that there’s something delicious about wearing candy colors. These hues can help you exude a joyful and whimsical aura reminiscent of childhood, or add a touch of bespoke sophistication to your everyday ensemble.

Contrary to most people’s misconceptions, it’s possible to look undeniably stylish while incorporating candy-colored clothes and accessories into your wardrobe. Here are some creative ideas for tastefully incorporating candy colors into your outfits and hitting all those sweet, sweet style notes:


Use Pastel Accessories

If you’re completely new to wearing candy colors, you can start by slowly incorporating them into your accessories. A candy-colored purse, a pair of pastel-hued earrings, or a soft-toned scarf can instantly add a touch of playfulness to an otherwise conventional outfit. For example, a baby pink crossbody bag will pair well with a neutral outfit that mostly consists of colors like black, dark brown, or navy blue and provide a delightful pop of color that enhances the overall look.


Make Candy Colors Work with Your Existing Personal Style

To really be satisfied with how candy colors look on you, you’ll want your usage of them to still ring true to your personal style. Whether you lean towards a classically elegant style, one that’s inspired by Bohemian flair, or are more a basic jeans-and-T-shirts kind of person, there are smart ways to infuse your outfit with candy colors so that they align with your taste.

For instance, if you love the feminine Boho style, try wearing a flowy maxi dress in a soft peach or dusty rose shade and some sheer tights. Finish the outfit with earthy accessories like a woven belt and beaded sandals. If your style is more minimalist, opt for a sleek mint green blazer layered over a white blouse and some tailored pants or Ponte leggings. The key is to use candy tones to enhance and accentuate your individual fashion identity, which is what will make each look feel authentic and effortlessly chic.


Choose Flattering Shades

Some candy colors will look better on you than others, which makes it important for you to find the right shades. A good rule of thumb is to base it on your skin tone.

While bubblegum pinks and cotton candy-like sky blues are considered universally flattering, other hues like lemon yellow or mint green might require some experimentation. If you have a warm skin tone, consider peachy oranges or coral pinks. For cool undertones, lavender and icy blues can work wonders. Experiment with different shades to discover which ones make your complexion glow.


Mix Candy Colors Up with Neutral Colors

A foolproof way to stylishly incorporate candy colors into your outfits is to mix them with neutral tones. You can, for instance, pair a soft lilac blouse with white jeans for a fresh and breezy summer outfit. Alternatively, combine a blush pink skirt with a beige sweater for a sophisticated look with a touch of sweetness. Neutral colors will help balance the vibrancy of candy shades, allowing the latter to stand out without overwhelming your ensemble.


Try Color Blocking

Color blocking is a creative technique that involves combining multiple colors in one outfit, typically from opposite ends of the color wheel. This strategy is one that’s almost made for candy colors.

For a chic and bold statement, try a color-blocked dress featuring pastel panels in lemon yellow, mint green, and baby blue. You can also color-block with separate pieces of clothing, such as a candy-colored blouse paired with a contrasting skirt or pants. Choose colors that can achieve a pleasing contrast and draw everyone’s eyes to your outfit.


Go for a Monochromatic Look

There are also times when it’s a good choice to completely own the candy color that you feel like wearing for the day. To create a sophisticated and fashion-forward statement, consider rocking a monochromatic look using a single candy color from head to toe.

A monochromatic outfit in a soft lavender or powdery blue, for example, can create an elegant and elongated silhouette. An outfit that comes in different hues of candy apple red, on the other hand—like a bright red dress and some shiny embellished slip-ons—will definitely turn heads. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different candy colors to find the ones that make the impact that you want them to.


Make Use of Layering Techniques

Lastly, layering candy-colored pieces can add depth and dimension to your outfit. If you’re going for a playful and trendy look, try layering a pastel yellow cardigan over a white blouse and pair them with light-wash jeans. Balancing pastels and neutrals by layering will certainly make your outfit pop without being too distracting.

Alternatively, layer a mint green blazer over a cotton candy pink dress for a polished and stylish appearance. Layering allows you to showcase multiple candy colors in one ensemble while staying effortlessly chic.

For a sweet and refreshing twist to your current style, turn to candy colors inspired by your favorite saccharine treats. Try the tips listed above to unlock some tasty candy color combinations that you wouldn’t mind wearing again and again!


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