6 Reasons Why You Should be Drinking Tea on Winter Days

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One of the dandiest things about drinking tea is that you can take it anytime, whether cold or hot. While it may be a simple drink, it is versatile with myriad benefits. As such, the popularity of herbal wellness tea is well deserved.

Drinking tea on winter days is a popular practice. But does drinking tea in the winter offer any real benefits? If you have ever thought about this, you are not alone, as the benefits of drinking tea on winter days are numerous. Below are six benefits of drinking tea on cold winter days.

Fights inflammation

One of the reasons to drink herbal wellness tea in the winter is because it promotes a healthy inflammatory response. Inflammation is quite common, especially during cold weather. Inflammation can cause achy, stuffiness, and downright tiredness.

The wide spread of inflammation during winter days is because when the temperature drops, air pressure also drops, which causes the tissues in the body to expand, thus leading to inflammation. However, drinking an herbal wellness tea can help relieve the soreness of inflammation and promote healing.

Rich in antioxidants

Another reason drinking tea on winter days is handy is its rich antioxidants. The body needs enough antioxidants to help fight ailments associated with the winter weather. Most herbal wellness tea contains numerous antioxidants, particularly flavonoids.

These antioxidants help boost the body’s immunity and reduce the symptoms of winter ailments such as flu, sore throats, chest congestion, and so on. You can add some sweetener like honey which will further help to boost immunity which helps to combat cough, thanks to the extra boost of vitamin C in the honey.

Maintain digestion

The winter period is popularly associated with weight gaining but is this fact or myth? If you were to maintain your diet, any other time aside from winter would not lead to as much weight gain as you would during winter. The reason weight gain is associated with winter is that metabolism is slower during the cold weather.

To help maintain digestion, drinking a cup of herbal wellness tea before and after meals will promote bowel movement. Drinking tea is also associated with aiding fat oxidation, saving the body energy, and helping to increase its metabolism rate.

Aids blood circulation

Blood circulation is essential when it comes to maintaining the body’s function. Sadly, during the winter, this essential body function is dampened. Low temperatures can cause the blood’s arteries and vessels to narrow, restricting blood flow. In essence, this process can cause a reduction in the amount of oxygen pumped through the body, which explains the feeling of weakness and nausea during the winter.

However, you can alleviate this symptom by drinking a cup or two of herbal wellness tea during winter. The warmth from the tea helps to expand the arteries and vessels, and the energy from the tea gives the heart a boost to pump blood harder to circulate through the body.

It helps fight the cold

Prolonged exposure to cold with no heat source is detrimental to the body. When the exposure to cold is too extreme, hypothermal sets in, which can lead to unconsciousness; drinking a cup of tea during such extreme conditions can help the body regain much heat that it may have lost to the environment.

The warmth from the tea also helps the body to combat colds better. Some tea contains compounds like gingerols in ginger, which have a thermogenic effect. While gingerol may not increase the body temperature, it increases the secretion of adrenaline by fooling the body’s heat receptors, thus helping you combat the extreme cold.

Boost your mood

Finally, if you want that boost in mood, drinking a cup of herbal wellness tea during the winter can come in handy. The cold weather can dull the mood making it tough to get out of bed sometimes. However, due to the composition of most wellness herbal tea, you give the body that boost of energy to carry on with your day-to-day activities. Several compounds come in handy in this case, such as amino acid, which aids in producing dopamine and serotonin.

So, when next you notice your mood is out of place during the winter, do well to drink a cup of hot tea. Also, take note

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