6 Essential Beach Outfits for Summer 2023

Summer is the kind of day that you just want to jump into a cool pool and relax from the heat and humidity. It’s nice enough outside for folks to enjoy themselves by going out and doing errands. An ideal summer vacation spot is the beach. Everyone can have fun in the ocean for a long time.

Packing for a beach vacation involves some forethought, as with any trip. Everyone has specific needs and wants from a beach vacation, and those vary from trip to trip. A last-minute panic over forgetting essential items? No thanks; Stripe & Stare have you covered with this exhaustive list of beachwear essentials.


Top 6 Must-Have Beachwear

Do you think that a trip to the beach takes nothing more than your go-to swimsuit and a throw-on towel? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that elevating your beachwear game is a breeze. Here are the essential beach outfits for summer 2023:


1. Sarong cover-up

You can look stylish whether strolling down the shore or lounging by the pool in a sarong. You can show off your curves by wearing a sarong over a bikini or a bralette and a bikini top. Wrap the sarong around your waist in a fashionable manner by folding it in half. Finish off by tying up any loose ends.

2. Tank top

Various colors, fabrics, and cuts make crop tops a versatile summer wardrobe staple. They go well with various bottoms, including shorts, jeans, and skirts. It’s the chic approach to show off your abs and exude assurance.

3. Bikini

Bikinis, a type of two-piece swimwear typically consisting of a top and a bottom, may make their wearers appear alluring. A bikini is a type of revealing swimwear worn to draw attention to the body. You can lounge comfortably by the lake or take a dip while wearing one of these bikinis. Over a bikini, you can wear a t-shirt, skirt, polo, scarf, or anything loose and comfy.

4. One-piece

In contrast to two-piece swimsuits, which often feature separate tops and bottoms, one-piece swimwear consists of a single garment that covers the body from head to toe. Nothing beats a one-piece swimsuit when it comes to lazing on the beach or swimming in the sea while feeling confident in your body and showing off your curves.

5. Burkini swimwear

One style of swimwear known as a “burkini” is designed to cover the entire body save for the wearer’s face, hands, and feet while still airy enough to wear while swimming. Wearing a Burkini is similar to wearing a wetsuit and a swimming cap regarding skin coverage.

It was created primarily for Muslim women who wanted to wear their hijabs while swimming or doing other sports.

6. Swimdress

A swimdress is a short dress typically made of airy fabric and has a feminine cut. If you’re concerned about your dress’s skirt riding up, have no fear; shorts are conveniently sewn into the dress. The swimdress’s featherweight construction won’t feel cumbersome or drag you down in the pool.

Also, the built-in shorts mean you may skip the undergarments altogether with this outfit. This swimming season, make a splash in a cute swimdress.

Be Ready for Summer Getaways!

Now that you know the essential beach outfits for summer, you can enjoy your time at the beach while also looking good. Never again will you feel awkward at the beach!



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