5 Ways to Wear Your Fave Printed Tee and Stand Out from the Crowd

Are you looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your style? If so, we have just the thing for you! Printed t-shirts are a great way to make a fashion statement without too much effort.  

Whether you opt for a graphic tee or a printed slogan shirt, wearing one of these printed tees from your local or online stores like Threadheads can help you express your style. This blog post will show you five creative ways to wear your favorite printed tee and turn heads. Read on to find out how!


Under a Jean Jacket

A printed tee under a jean jacket is a classic way to give your outfit a relaxed, effortless vibe. Pair it with high-waisted jeans and ankle boots for a modern, street-style feel. Finally, accessorize with a printed scarf or bold statement jewelry. This combo will make you stand out in any crowd!


With High-Waisted Shorts

If you’re looking for a classic, timeless style with heads turning wherever you go, you can never go wrong with pairing your printed tee with some high-waisted shorts. Whether you opt for denim, pleated, or even a paper bag style, high-waisted shorts are the perfect way to show off your favorite printed tee and add some extra pizzazz to your look.

The trick is to pick a pair of shorts that contrast the colors of your tee. For example, if your tee has a vibrant yellow hue, try a dark blue pair of shorts for a subtle but stylish effect. Add a simple belt and slides or sneakers. This classic style can be worn any day of the week.


Tucked Into a Midi Skirt

A printed tee tucked into a midi skirt is a classic look that never fails to make a statement. Whether you choose a high-waisted or pleated midi skirt, pairing it with your printed tee creates an effortlessly chic and modern look. Pull off this style by tucking in your tee, so the hemline sits right above your waistline.  

Then choose a high-waisted skirt that hits just below the knee. Finally, opt for solid-colored skirts so that your tee stands out, or try a fun patterned dress to add more texture and depth to your outfit.

If you’re daring, you can even layering your printed tee over a longer midi dress for an unexpected but stylish look. With so many options to choose from, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find the perfect way to rock your printed tee with a midi skirt.


Half-Tucked Into Relaxed Jeans

If you’re looking for a casually excellent way to style your printed tee from Threadheads, then look no further than half-tucking it into relaxed jeans. This is the perfect way to make a statement without going overboard, plus it looks great!

To get this look right, find a pair of jeans with a comfortable fit and tuck the front of your printed tee into the waistband. Then, leave the back of your tee loose, which creates an effortlessly stylish silhouette. Finally, finish off your look with some accessories and a pair of sneakers or boots, and you’ll be ready to rock this look all season long.


Layered Over a Slip Dress

If you want a chic, effortless style of your favorite printed tee, consider layering it over a slip dress. This look will give you an effortlessly cool vibe, but it’s also one of the most effortless outfits to put together. You only need a simple mid-length slip dress in your favorite neutral hue, black or white, and your go-to printed tee.

Choose one with a looser fit so you can easily layer it over your dress, and if you want to add a bit of texture, opt for a short-sleeved shirt or tank top. Finish off the look with strappy sandals or combat boots for an edgier feel.

No matter what kind of vibe you’re going for, layering a printed tee over a slip dress is a great way to add some personality to your outfit without having to do too much styling.



Printed tees are an easy and affordable way to make any outfit stand out. Whether you pair it with shorts, jeans, a skirt, or a dress, printed tees are versatile pieces of clothing that can be dressed up or down. You can easily create unique looks by layering, tucking, or half-tucking your printed tee into any ensemble. If you’re looking for a new graphic tee, consider checking out Threadheads. With these five creative ways to style your printed tees, you can show off your style and stand out. So get ready to hit the streets in your favorite printed tee, and let your look do the talking!


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