5 Travel Tips for Families with Kids on Vacation in New Zealand

Planning to travel with family to escape the busy life may not be as relaxing as you think. When going on a quick trip with the kids, double the effort in doing a hands-on job in taking care of them is needed.

This happens to all parents, especially those without a nanny or added help when traveling for a quick vacation. These tips can help prepare what needs to be done when going on a vacation with the family and the kids.

Places to Visit in New Zealand and What To Do

Indeed there is already a family discussion about where you and your family will go for this vacation. If the agreement is to visit the beautiful country of New Zealand, then there are a lot of must-see places there.

In making the itinerary for this trip, the parent needs to include the places that will surely make the kids enjoy the vacation planned. Here are the places your family can visit and what to do there that will bring comfort and convenience to all, especially the little ones:


  • Auckland or Picton for sightseeing and scenic train trips
  • Queenstown or Wanaka to enjoy a cruise trip and marine appreciation
  • New Zealand resorts for a comforting staycation and spa with other activities like golfing
  • Wildlife reserves in Kiwi for learning and appreciation of animals
  • Trekking in Golden Bay to visit the horses
  • Beaches on the Coast of New Zealand to go surfing
  • White Water Rafting in Buller River or Kaituna River

5 Travel Tips You Need When With Kids

Now that the itinerary and planning are done, parents should know what to do to keep their kids happy, calm, and safe during the trip. Depending on where exactly you’re going, you’ll want to make sure you have PPE to protect yourself and your family. Especially if you’re traveling to areas where there is air pollution, you may want to consider investing in gas masks.

Here are some helpful travel tips you can follow when going on a trip with your kids in New Zealand:

1. Prepare Their Identification

Make sure they have their IDs or tags with them. A smartwatch with its installed identification is a must-have to store all emergency contacts readily and have their location pinned for easy tracking.

2. Make Sure the Go Bag Is Complete

This is a must-have, as always. Having a ready-to-go bag for the kids is the easiest way to access all their belongings. Make sure the following items are inside the go bag at all times:


  • Extra Clothes and Nappies
  • Formula Milk and clean water for drinking
  • Medicines and Snacks
  • Their favorite toys (this will help them not get fuzzy during the long hours of traveling)
  • Their favorite blanket and pillow (they won’t get homesick for sure when you bring these along)
  • Protective gear for rain and other weather changes

3. Do Not Forget the Needed Equipment

Baby strollers, changing tables, car seats, Hip Seat support, and everything else needed when going out and about with the kids must also be in the things needed. The convenience and safety this will bring as your family wanders about on the trip is your saving grace.

4. Extra Cash

Preparing for this trip with your family and kids will surely be a little off-budget, as expected. It is best to bring extra cash for emergencies or sudden requests from the kids that you, as a parent, won’t be able to say no to.

5. Prepaid Internet Connection or Wi-fi

This is a definite must-have. While traveling with your kids, they might want to catch up on their favorite shows or are missing their favorite nursery rhyme. Have your data and internet prepared so they can kill time while waiting to arrive at the vacation destination and not misbehave the whole trip.


As the one in charge of keeping your family and kids safe while traveling, planning will be your best bet in achieving this. Always prioritize what the kids need, as grown-ups can usually adjust as they go along.

Make sure to choose vacation spots with kid-friendly places in New Zealand so that the experience can be wholesome for both adults and kids.








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