5 Things to Know Before You Buy a Van

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Van life has grown in popularity as life has gone more digital and homes have become less affordable. The 3.1 million people living van life in the United States love the freedom and flexibility it provides, allowing for an adventurous and affordable life. The challenge is finding the perfect van to accommodate your traveling and space needs.

Exploring the best van brands is an excellent starting point, but it’s critical to know the best types of vans that are within your budget. The initial cost is obvious, but maintaining your van could push it out of your price range before you even buy a van.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this insightful guide to the five things to know before spending the money on a new van for your next adventure or lifestyle change. Continue reading to find the perfect types of vans today!

  1. Initial Cost

The best van brands are expensive, so you’ll need some serious money to make the down payment and get behind the wheels of a Winnebago or Revel. The revel vans come equipped for serious off-roading from the factory, making them perfect if you take advantage of off-grid camping and free accommodations.

Do your research to find van options that fall within your price range. Stretching your resources thin to buy a van is a mistake you’ll regret.

  1. Maintenance

The best vans are also simple to work on. You want a van that you can handle essential maintenance on so you’re prepared if the engine overheats or you get a flat tire. Simple is often better when transitioning to the van life and maintaining your new home.

  1. Available Parts

Finding a vintage van in excellent condition at a fair price is a wonderful discovery, but consider the availability of replacement parts. You don’t want to blow a head gasket to discover that you’ll need one custom-made to get your new home back on the road. It’s especially critical to consider available parts when planning trips with your van across borders, like the Pan-American Highway.

  1. Off-Road Ability

The best free camping spots for van life often require getting a bit of mud on the tires. Consider the off-road ability of your van options before buying a van for your new home. You’ll miss out on incredible camping opportunities if you choose a van with limited mobility.

  1. Size

Size is a premium when living in a van, so you must do your research and buy a van with enough space for all parties. Determine how many people and pets will travel when you transition to van life. Ensure you have enough room for all gear, food, water, and creature comforts.


Buy a Van for Your Next Adventure

Traveling by plane or car is boring, but taking steps to buy a van and live out of it while traveling and indulging in nature is the best way to get everything you want from life. Choose a van with excellent off-road ability to access the best free camping sites and ensure you have enough room for everyone. Find a van with simple maintenance and plenty of replacement parts available.

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