5 roses and their meanings to give on anniversary occasion

Flowers deliver messages. For centuries, people have been confessing their love with flowers, as every flower has their own significant meaning.

Roses are perfect for any event, whether it’s valentine’s day, birthday, wedding, or anniversary. But different colored roses have different meanings and they are suitable for different occasions. We  have come up with these five most preferred rose colors, along with their symbolic meanings which are perfect as the anniversary flower arrangement.

Let’s find out what does the color of roses means


White Roses

White roses have many different meanings, like virtue, integrity, dignity, and modesty. These flowers are especially famous for weddings, as they also symbolize new beginnings and developing love. Besides weddings, these flowers are appropriate for funerals, on mother’s day, and for anniversaries too.


Red Roses

Red roses are the most popular flowers on valentine’s day as they convey eternal love. However, this is also the best flower for anniversaries and weddings. The significance of red roses is said to be love and devotion. However, different shades of red roses have different meanings. A deep red rose is occasionally considered to suggest one’s willingness for commitment and indicate a deep bond. The lighter color red roses represent intensity and passion.


Yellow Roses

The vibrant yellow rose signifies fellowship, pleasure, and happiness. These buds are also said to be a symbol of memento or admiration. Yellow roses are perfect to celebrate friendships.


Pink Roses

Pink roses will help you to appreciate your partner in an intimate and romantic way. Pink roses are the finest pick to celebrate anniversaries as they express gratefulness. They signify respect, gentleness, grace, integrity, and joy.


Purple Roses

Purple roses convey the message of love at first sight as Purple roses can be found very rarely. Even in ancient times, they were the symbol of royalty. The purple-colored rose symbolizes majesty, worship, and desire. Purple roses are the best choice for romantic events, like anniversaries.


The 25th wedding Anniversary flower

Iris is known to be as the 25th wedding anniversary flower


The meaning of Iris flower:

Thought to symbolize the soul, passion, the iris are the best flower to celebrate your 25th anniversary. The vibrant colored iris symbolizes the stability and futility of your bonding. The Iris flower bouquet signifies knowledge, bravery, yearning, and trust. Although, the color of this flower solicits a different meaning. Purple expresses affection, though a bouquet of the iris is thought to represent yearning and trust. White iris is perfect for a bridal bouquet and yellow is the shade of attachment. Nevertheless, this flower conveys a message of love, everlasting commitments, and passion which makes this flower perfect for anniversaries.


The 50th wedding Anniversary flower arrangements

Yellow Roses and Violets are known to be the flowers to celebrate fifty years of marriage.To honor this amazing achievement, the 50th anniversary is glorified with two different blossoms. These flowers convey the long life of the couple who have spent almost half of their life by supporting and complementing each other.

The symbolic Meaning of Yellow Roses

Yellow roses bring bliss and joy. As I mentioned earlier in this article, yellow roses represent friendship. They are worldwide used to appreciate someone’s presence in your life and their bonding with you.


The symbolic meaning of Violet

The Violet flower signifies purity, humbleness, and loyal, eternal love. It can also designate trust, spirituality, enchantment, and souvenir. According to the Bible, the Violet flower indicates the Virgin Mary’s modesty.


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