5 Looks that are changing streetwear

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Due to its popularity among many celebrities and influencers, streetwear fashion appears on the surface to be a recent fashion trend that has taken the world by storm. However, the reality is that streetwear has been around for quite some time. About 40 years to be more precise. Nowadays, it is characterized by baggy clothing and clothing that strikes a balance between style and comfort. With so many people becoming interested in this fashion trend, it is worth exploring the looks that are changing streetwear to see how influential the movement is actually becoming.

Firstly, streetwear has come a long way since being worn by people in the skateboarding and surf culture in Los Angeles as it has moved to mainstream society and pervaded contemporary popular culture. One of the looks that is upcoming in streetwear is stacked ripped jeans which can be paired with a number of clothing items to make a unique look. While stacked jeans several years ago would have been complimented by Paisley and Bandana Prints, nowadays it is more common to incorporate dark and neutral tones into the overall look to create a simpler streetwear look. It is also common to see people adorning hoodies and leather jackets with stacked jean look to create a layering effect.

Of course, don’t neglect to also pay attention to footwear if you are opting to wear stacked jeans as they complete the look. The best footwear that doesn’t create a cluttered outfit when paired with stacked jeans are cowboy boots, Timberlands, rock star boots and a more recent trend sneakers. There is far more variety in terms of footwear nowadays so take advantage of the many brands such as Adidas and Nike that have plenty of different styles to suit your clothing choices. Accessories should also be considered as a means of complimenting your look as many people interested in streetwear are topping off their outfit with caps, sunglasses, and watches. Years ago, when the streetwear movement emerged, a look would typically be completed by adding a thick gold chain or excessive jewelry. However, this old look has been reinvented in recent years as people are fixating more on creating a chic and modern look without overdoing it.

Moreover, in recent years, there’s been a true leaning into hoodies and sweats. Years ago, many people would have deemed these types of clothing pieces as far too casual and would have only worn them inside the house. However, these types of clothes are worn everyday by many different types of people and exclusive brands are releasing high end versions of them. On top of this, when streetwear was first popularized it would have been commonplace to see wearers of this fashion trend adorn extremely loose-fitting clothing. However, nowadays there is more focus on more fitted pieces of clothing that are still regarded as baggy.

Furthermore, there are many factors that will be affecting streetwear trends in the future. Celebrities and influencers such as Kanye West have already changed the face of streetwear as not only does he sport streetwear looks himself, but he has collaborated with such brands as Adidas to endorse the fashion trend. On top of this he enterprises a variety of trendy sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, and sneakers and his streetwear collections have found major success.

Overall, having discusses some of the latest trends that are prominent in streetwear, it is clear that many of the old looks that were popular when the trend first emerged have changed in recent years. As streetwear continues to be popularized in the mainstream media, we should even witness more affordable options when it comes to streetwear clothing pieces. In this sense, streetwear has come a long way since exclusively being associated with subcultural movements skateboarding and is highly linked to hip-hop. As a genre, it is constantly evolving and susceptible to change according to recent trends.

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