5 Common Mistakes With Bongs to Avoid for New Users

Recreational marijuana use is on the rise thanks to the states that make it legal.

With new tools and technology, smoking weed is simple. You can hit a vape pen almost anywhere and no one would know.

However, some people want to get the best high they can, one that you can only get with traditional bong use. Before buying, learn the mistakes with bongs that new bong users make. Read on to learn five.


  1. Buying a Complicated Bong

One of the most common mistakes with bongs is to purchase a complicated one. New users might go to a shop and buy the most aesthetically looking bong there is without knowing how to use it.

You’ll want to consider these important factors as a new bong buyer:

  • Easy to clean
  • Not complicated to store
  • Takes no time to prepare

Once you become familiar with a simple water bong, you can increase your collection.


  1. Inhaling Too Fast

Smoking a joint is much different than smoking out of a bong. You’ll want to know how to use bongs before trying it for the first time. One of the most important things to know is not to inhale too quickly.

No matter which of the options for bongs you choose, the smoke will be dense. It can take time to get used to it without coughing and congestion.


  1. Not Regularly Cleaning

Regular bong cleaning is important for all smokers. If you avoid cleaning it for a long time, the taste will begin to alter. Learning how to clean a bong with online tutorials or asking the store clerk for tips are two great options.


  1. Paying Too Much for Your Bong

There are great quality bongs that come at an affordable cost. Although it’s not smart to only look at the cheapest options, you don’t want to empty your pockets for a bong either.

You don’t need anything special, especially as a first-time user, all you need is a functional and affordable model. Comparing prices is easy, but consider the quality and simple features necessary during the buying process.


  1. Not Storing Bud Correctly

Storing buds for bongs and storing the bong itself is key to a long-lasting piece of smoking equipment. You should keep both in an airtight container.

If you keep your bud in an open space or box that is not airtight, the weed will dry out. This means the taste will be drastically different.

You can often purchase an airtight container at the same place that you purchase your first bong.

Mistakes With Bongs You Don’t Want to Make

If you want a great smoking experience with something other than a joint, purchasing a bong is always an option. However, there are a lot of mistakes with bongs that smokers can make.

If you are a new bong user, don’t expect the smoking session to be the same as it is with a joint or blunt. Follow the tips in this guide to make the most out of your bong purchase.

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