4 Types of Necklaces That Go With Every Attire

Necklaces are one of the most versatile accessories you can wear. They can instantly make a simple outfit look more exciting or give you an instant style boost if you’re stuck for ideas. Necklaces come in all shapes and sizes, from chunky statement pieces to delicate chains and pendants. They add an element of sophistication and elegance to any outfit. Not only that, but they can also be a fantastic means to highlight your greatest features. You can wear this piece of jewelry alone without the need for any other accessories. Here are four types of necklaces that will work for any occasion.

Layered Necklaces

These are the most versatile of all necklaces. You can wear them with almost anything, and they will look great on their own or layered together. Try wearing a longer chain as an understated statement piece and adding smaller ones for a more playful look. A layered necklace can be worn with a plain T-shirt or dress, instantly making it look more interesting. The style is also flattering on most body types. The layered necklace with a longer pendant will go great with a deep-neck dress. But if you want a simple one that can be an alternative for this, you can browse beaded necklaces online. There are a lot of choices and you will definitely find the best one for you.

Multi-Strand Necklace

This is a great necklace to wear if you want to create an illusion of a slimmer neckline. The multiple strands will draw the eye upward and away from any problem areas on your body. Multi-strand necklaces are also great for adding some flair to an outfit. Try wearing one with a plain blouse or dress and then accessorizing with simple studs or earrings. The layers will add texture and interest while still allowing the focus to be on whatever dress or top you are wearing underneath. You can also wear simple gemstone necklaces that instantly catch people’s attention.

Long Pendant Necklace

Long pendant necklaces are another great way to add flair and personality to an outfit. You can choose a simple chain with a small diamond or gemstone hanging from it or opt for something more ornate, like a long strand of beads. Long pendant necklaces are especially nice because they allow you to wear them with any clothing, whether casual or dressy. It is generally made from a single strand of beads or stones that can be as long as twelve inches. A long pendant necklace is also known as an opera-length necklace because women in the opera community originally wore it during performances to easily move around on stage without becoming tangled up in their jewelry pieces.

Chain Link Necklace

A chain link necklace is made up of small, interconnected metal rings. Women generally wear them as an accessory to their clothing, and they are available in many different styles and colors. One type of chain link necklace features smooth, rounded links that resemble the shape of a single chain link fence; another features sharp-edged links that can be either flat or round. Chain link necklaces are very popular in the fashion industry because they can tune in with just about anything. These necklaces are often made from metal and come in various colors, including gold, silver, and bronze. Chain link necklaces also come in different styles; some even feature colored stones or pearls on their links.

These days, women also wear simple gemstone necklaces that enhance their features.

The Takeaway

Necklaces have been in fashion for ages. They are popular amongst women and can be a great source of gifting. Consider these four types of necklaces if you’re looking for a wonderful accessory that blends well with everything. Hit us in the comments if you have more necklace ideas.


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