4 Most Popular French Cognac Brands

Contrary to what its name implies, cognac is a little simpler. The French spirit should be treated as you would treat wine, its closest relative will help you better grasp it. Cognac is a type of brandy produced in the western French commune bearing its name.

Similar to the greatest wines, it is associated with a specific geographic location and must be produced using a limited number of grapes. Cognac has matured and blending criteria similar to an Italian wine from the Chianti region or a Bordeaux. The proper technique to drink cognac is using a specific type of cognac glass. Enter and give it a good sniff and taste.

Cognac has its types, and leaving them out in this article would confuse you more than educate. Here are some of the types of Cognac:


1. Hors d’âge

The most luxurious type of cognac you can buy as it falls outside the age scale. This kind of cognac is extremely rare and if you’re lucky enough to find a bottle, make sure to savor each sip.


2. Extra Old

This is among the best varieties of cognac available due to the usage of a young vintage mix that has spent at least 10 complete years maturing inside a barrel. The minimum age limit was increased from six to ten years as of 2018.


3. Very Superior Old Age

This is defined as Cognac that aged at least four years.


4. Very Special

This is the common form of cognac and has aged at least 2 years. It is the cheapest cognac available.


The Popular Types Of Cognac

Now that you know the different types of cognac, here are some of the popular ones that you can buy from online stores like Spirits of France:


1. Martell

Martell is the first of the current cognac houses, having been in operation for 300 years with a passion for history. Given that most of the best cognac companies are extremely ancient, it says a lot. Given the range of smooth sippers this company offers, craftsmanship and quality are top priorities.

You’re likely to notice Martell VSOP Cognac on the shelves at the expensive neighborhood bar, but that only scratches the surface. If you go a little further, you’ll find Cordon Bleu, a premium XO mix that combines grapes from four distinct areas and vintages ranging from 10 to 25 years.


2. Hennessy

One of the top recognizable cognac brands in the world, Hennessy is a cognac company that does not require an introduction. It is also the most popular brand in the US. With more than 350,000 barrels of Eaux-de-vie kept in 65 vaults, Hennessy boasts one of the greatest collections in the world.

Introducing a cognac establishment that is so well-known that the phrase “pass the Henny” is frequently used nowadays. So it is unsurprising that the 1765-founded Hennessy distillery presently produces nearly 40% of the cognac consumed worldwide.

Additionally, the brand offers an extraordinarily diverse and adaptable repertoire, spanning from basic statements to master blends that are only available in limited quantities.


3. Hine

Hine is unquestionably no different from the majority of the top cognac châteaux, which have been in the business for generations. With the help of plentiful resources and skilled production methods, the renowned brand has been transforming grapes into brilliance since 1763.

Every item this prestigious cognac firm creates has a distinctive flavor, and no two Vintage Collection releases are alike. You’ll be happy you did if you want some of the finest cognacs for less than $100.


4. Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier may have the most distinctive flavor of any liqueur you could buy. Louis-Alexandre Marnie had the notion of mixing Caribbean bitter orange with French cognac. The final product was an amber-hued liqueur with the familiar sweetness of cognac and the flavor of macerated orange.



These are the top French Cognac Brands you should know. This should make it easier for you when choosing French Cognac Brands.












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