4 Different Ways to Send Birthday Cards

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It’s important to show your friends and family how much you care throughout the year, but when it’s their birthday? Then it’s doubly important. After all, that’s their special day, which only comes once a year!

How you should give your nearest and dearest love to them depends on several factors. You may whisk them away to a far-flung corner of the world, buy them a present, or just show them some love. Whatever you choose, you’ll need a birthday card, which is a tried-and-tested essential for all birthdays.

In this day and age, there are a bunch of different ways to send cards, allowing you to choose the most convenient option. We’ll run through some of the best options below. And remember, if you need to send your card electronically, then be sure to check out the fantastic range of birthday cards available at 2050cards.

In the Mail

Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to have our closest friends and family physically close to us. But that’s not always the case. More people than ever move to other parts of the world these days, so the chances are you have at least a few friends and family located a plane ride away. In that case, you can always pop a birthday card in the mail and have the post service deliver it for you. Remember that you’ll need to think well in advance for this option — there’s nothing worse than a birthday card that turns up late, though they’ll still appreciate the thought!


Hand-delivering a birthday card brings two rewards: you’ll know that it gets there on time, and you’ll get to see your friend or family member in person! This option makes the most sense if they’re hosting a party on the day of their birthday. There might be some additional pressure to include a gift (or gift voucher) with the card, though. This will be the best option if you’ve bought them something special for their special day.

Direct to their Phone

Everyone’s always on their phone, so why not send your birthday card directly to their device? This is a good option because it lets you pinpoint the precise moment the card arrives. That means you can send the virtual card first thing in the morning and be reasonably confident that they’ll see it within minutes. It’s a cute and efficient way to wish someone a happy birthday, and may even be the best option even if you plan to see them later in the day.

Via Email

Don’t have the recipient’s phone number? This is often the case when it’s a work colleague or other acquaintance. In that case, you can always send your birthday wishes via email. This is the same as sending it to their phone essentially, though they may also view the electronic card on their computer. It’s also a nice way to brighten up their inbox on their birthday.

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