3 Ways To Get More Fans Of Your Work

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So here are three things you can do to get those numbers up.

Social Media

You might not use social media but now is the time to sign up for it. If you are worried about the comments you might get, don’t be. Social media managers these days are very quick to stamp out any trolls and people who think it’s okay to be negative towards other people. Make pages on all the major sites and advertise the hell out of yourself. Post videos of you performing, showing people what you do best.

The greatest thing about social media is that once you post on there, your followers can share and re-share your posts. So what you might think is only getting out to small numbers on your page actually reaches thousands of people, if not more.

You can also use the help of a music marketing agency if you are a little unsure of how to go about it. They will post content and manage your sites for you. They will place adverts on all major platforms and get you the following you deserve. One such agency that can help is SwipeUp Marketing, they have helped over 50 artists like yourself get the right media coverage for nearly four years now.


If you don’t have a website then we strongly suggest you get one. Having a website means you can share information about yourself and add videos of your work for everyone to hear. If people hear of you they may like to research more and find if you have any other material to listen to. This is where the website comes in handy. The individual does an internet search and your website comes up. They listen to your stuff and are now a keen fan, meaning they will look you up on Spotify or youtube for example.


When you are trying to make it big in the music industry branding is everything. You need to make sure you have the right look, sound, and generally be amazing. It is hard work trying to make yourself get noticed. You also need to discover who you are before you can sell yourself to your fans. Music is personal and fans will often like a singer or band because they hit them ‘right in the feels’. Take Taylor Swift for example, she sings about romance and heartbreak. Many people can relate to that, so making your music relatable will really help you out and make you go far.


We hope you found this article helpful and it gives you a somewhat better understanding of how to make yourself known in the music industry.


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