3 of the Best Places in Florida for Young Adults to Vacation

Looking for the best places in Florida for young adults to vacation? This guide has you covered. Click here to learn about three options.

Florida is home to everything great about traveling to the United States. You will always be energized here, from the sunny shores to the busy cities and theme parks to the tropical islands.

Almost 140 million tourists flock to the Sunshine State every year. But each set of tourists seeks out different regions and activities to suit their preferences.

If you’re taking a summer vacation here, you’re in luck. Below, you will uncover the best places in Florida for young adults to vacation this year!

1. Orlando

Orlando is the only place to begin a travel inspiration list when you’re going to Florida. The city’s nine theme parks draw in visitors from four corners of the globe. Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland, and SeaWorld are the most famous sites.

However, you can enjoy an energetic mini-vacation without attending theme parks. Downtown houses endless rows of bars and restaurants, creating a unique nightlife scene. Whether you relish vodka-fueled evenings or quiet cocktail nights, Orlando has something for you.

The state’s fifth-largest urban center is truly a playground for young thrill-seekers. And if you’re lucky enough to visit in the summer, you can eat through the Epcot Food & Wine Festival!

2. Key West

Imagine lying on a white sandy beach, listening to the waves by your feet under the summer sun of 86° Fahrenheit. After you cool off in the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you refresh with an ice-cold drink. With no work commitments, you have enough time to continue this for the rest of the week on your mini vacation.

All it takes to indulge in this slice of heaven is a scenic 3.5-hour cruise south of Miami!

Of course, the relaxing vibe is the most significant reason it’s the ideal spot for a summer vacation. Palm-lined lanes and postcard surroundings will instantly put you in the getaway spirit. But you will also find abundant water sports here, such as boat tours, snorkeling, and jet skiing.

3. Miami Beach

You can’t say you took a vacation in Florida without visiting a beach. There’s no better place to experience this than in Miami.

Over 35 miles of stunning coastline are wedged between South Beach and the Sunny Isles in the north. Each one is packed with fun, beauty, and adventure.

Beaches will attract you to Miami. But the unique atmosphere will keep you returning.

The area is a hotbed of culture, reflected in its diverse population and rich cultural scene. You can explore neighborhoods like Little Havana. In return, you can experience Cuban culture, taste authentic food, and enjoy live music.

In addition, the city offers a wide range of international culinary delights. Classic American, Latin American, and seafood combine here, creating Florida’s foodie capital.

If you adore the sun, sand, and seafood, begin searching for Florida vacation rentals in Miami!

Visit the Best Places in Florida for Young Adults to Vacation

Florida has something to offer you, from the rolling hills in the north to the sunny southern shores. But because of the mixed landscape, some areas cater to groups of visitors better than others.

After reading our guide, you learned the best places in Florida for young adults to vacation. But we’re not finished helping you create your dream vacation. Keep reading our travel blog for more tips for an unforgettable summer vacation!

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