3 Most Stunning Cruise Ships in The World

Have you ever dreamed about the most perfect and stress-free vacation? No packing and unpacking multiple times, no traffic jams, no changing flights.

If you’ve ever wished for such a vacation, then you should definitely hop on a cruise ship and let it take you to the most exotic and off the grid destinations. Shake off all of your worries while staring at the dazzling crystal clear waters and let the amazing views at the horizon hypnotise you.


The activities that can be done while cruising are limitless. Start off your day with a book that you never had the time to read and be embraced by the sun. During the blue hour you can just drink your favourite cocktail while enjoying the magical sceneries. In the night you can go at the disco and party like you used to in your teenage years. The entertainment doesn’t stop there. You can also enjoy a swim in the pool, a movie at the cinema or play some games like golf, ping-pong or try out your luck in the casino. If you are really interested into it, you can always check for the best bonus codes online, even if you are not surrounded by any land-based or cruise ship casinos. Whatever floats your boat, just give your best to make the most of your vacation!

Let’s take a look at the 3 most stunning cruise ships in the world. You can also visit befamilytravel.com, for a wonderful Disney trip.


by Alec Herrera from Pexels

Regent Seven Seas

Regent’s ships are definitely the most luxurious cruise ships in the world. The best thing about them is that literally every single detail is included and there aren’t any hidden fees.

You can enjoy the exquisite cuisine and taste delicious foods, relax in the spa and have fun in the casino. The balconies are extraordinary, and all of the cabins are actually suites. Every single space in the ship is mesmerising and you will for sure feel like in heaven. Regent’s ships offers a range of different itineraries, you just pick your favourite destination. Explore Australia, Africa, Alaska or sail away in Europe from Rome, Istanbul and finally Athens. All of the excursions are so amazing and you will be able to explore cities with rich history, museums and nature. Choose your best route and prepare for an unforgettable voyage!

by Prayitno

Crystal Symphony

Launched in 1995, Crystal Symphony has been providing life-changing experiences to travellers for almost twenty five years.

It has been awarded multiple times and the reasons are obvious – exquisite hospitality, top-notch adventures and deluxe interiors. You can explore every single spot, from the very northern point in the world to the most thrilling exotic destinations. On the one hand, Crystal Symphony’s team will take care for your health and will offer you a bunch of spa, fitness and sauna activities to keep your mind and body in shape. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to have fun in the Crystal Cove and meet new people, visit the casino or go for a shopping in high quality shops. If you feel like chilling and taking a rest, there is a special area where you can stare with astonishment at the marvellous sea views.

by Cruise News Weekly

Symphony Of The Seas

If you always want to explore something new and have the ultimate fun then the Symphony Of The Seas is the perfect option for you.

There are plenty of activities and shows such as aquatic and ice skating shows. If you are into sports, you can either go for a rock climbing, mini golf or table tennis. For the night owls, there are a lot of parties in the club where dancing has no limit. Cinema lovers can have a fun movie night outdoor by the poolside, and foodies can taste the amazing Italian cuisine or vegetarian specialties. All of these, and even more activities in one place, how awesome is that!

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