3 Best Caribbean Islands For Couples

The Caribbean islands, situated between the Gulf of Mexico and the mainland of North America, are one of the most exquisite islands for tourists worldwide. It received an estimated 32 million tourists in 2019, a more than 5% increase from 2018.

Loved for its sandy beaches and blue waters, the region is undoubtedly the most visited island destination for couples. Here is the information if you want to know more about the best Caribbean islands for couples.


1. Barbados

Situated on the eastern side of the Caribbean, Barbados is a mix of everything. Its capital city, Bridgetown, has a history dating back to colonial times. You can enjoy the sandy beaches and get lost in this island’s cultural history. Barbados is the perfect place for couples who like to explore cultural history along with sandy beaches! Some places you may visit include botanical gardens, watching the underwater sea turtles with some of the best cruises, the Harrison’s Cave formation, and some 17th-century houses like St. Nicholas Abbey.

Fishing is quite popular in the Barbados islands, and most of the livelihood of the locals depends on fishing, besides tourism. The Caribbean region is one of the most tourist-dependent regions in the world. In 2019, eight out of ten countries depending on tourism were from the Caribbean region.


2. Saint Lucia

The Caribbean islands are famous for their tourism, accounting for a gross national income per capita ranging from $800 to $30,000. St. Lucia is undoubtedly one of the top Caribbean destinations for honeymooners. There are magnificent highlands, lush jungles, coastlines made of volcanic sand, and vibrant ocean life! You will find fascinating landscapes everywhere you turn. The coastlines, woodlands, resorts, etc., all appear whimsical, making St. Lucia a well-liked destination for travelers, especially couples from all over the globe and those who enjoy diving and fishing.


3. The Bahamas

The Bahamas has been named one of the most beautiful locations in the Caribbean islands for its rich history, exquisite luxury resorts, and fantastic nightlife. One interesting fact about the place is that it is a group of tiny islands. There are 700 islands spread over 10,000 sq miles!

A few places you can visit are the Queen’s staircase, Bennett hill’s viewpoint, the Nassau straw market, and the fantastic nightclubs. The straw market gets its name from unique items made from straw. For example, you can buy straw hats, dolls, bags, etc.

Also known as the Commonwealth of Bahamas, it is one of the best Caribbean islands for couples looking to have city and beach life fun!


The Caribbean region contributes most to the US economy with its rising tourism. In 2019, the region put up more than 39 billion US dollars. The Dominican Republic undoubtedly is the most visited place in the Caribbean islands and attracts around 7 million international travelers. The area is also the cheapest of all islands to live on. And St Lucia boasts two UNESCO World Heritage Pitons (volcanic plugs).

The Caribbean islands are the perfect location for couples looking for a romantic yet fun getaway. Travel with your partner to these well-known Caribbean locations and explore the beauty of beach life!











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