24 Hours in Bangkok


Bangkok has so much to offer, but we’ve packed plenty in to one day


A trip to Bangkok is a dream for many, but in such a sprawling city it can be hard to know where to start. People can feel suffocated by the choice in such a densely packed environment, so we’ve done the hard work for you.

If you only had 24 hours to spend in the city, these are the things you absolutely must do. From where to stay to what to see, where to eat to which souvenirs to pick up, we’ve thought of everything. So without further ado, here’s how to spend 24 jam-packed hours in Bangkok.


Stay at Shanghai Mansion

If you want to treat yourself to a truly luxury stay, then there’s nowhere better than the Shanghai Mansion. This stunning 4-star hotel used to be a venue for Chinese Opera and it still retains every ounce of that grandeur. The rooms are furnished with traditional Chinese turn of the century furniture including intricately carved four poster beds in each room. The décor is opulent throughout, with an enormous pond filled with koi fish in the atrium, as well as an ornately decorated ballroom which holds regular live jazz sessions. The huge carved dragons that decorate the stairways are something to behold, but the rooms are the most beautiful. Each has its own distinct personality, which is so carefully curated you’ll feel like you’ve stepped onto an old movie set. Better still, there’s a free tuk-tuk service to the airport, so you’ll have all of that hassle totally taken care of. Once you’ve dropped your bags, you can set foot outside and be right in the centre of downtown.


Visit the Grand Palace

There are too many architectural wonders in Bangkok to get around all of them, so if you only have time for one then make it the Grand Palace. Built in 1782, this palace was the home of the royal family for centuries, but is now mostly used for ceremonies. The architecture is simply stunning and inside you’ll find the famous Jade Buddha. Be warned that you should dress modestly for your visit, covering your arms and avoiding ripped or torn clothes.


A Day at the Races

Whilst online gambling is perfectly safe in Thailand it is often prohibited elsewhere in Asia. AsiaBet have provided a comprehensive run down of exactly where it is possible to play casino games, as well as bet online. They’ve included deposit bonuses, as well as range of sports available for those who are keen to keep their hobby up away from home. However, if you want to bet in person then one of the most popular sports that you can bet on legally in Thailand is horse racing. It just so happens that the Royal Bangkok Sporting Club has been the best place to see some since 1901. The history of this club means that you can combine all of the modern conveniences of today’s horse racing, with a real trip back in time. You’ll find plush boxes that you can enjoy, with champagne service and delicious food, that’s if money is no object. Otherwise the grand stands are perfectly laid out for you to have great views of the course and you can have a relatively inexpensive day out whilst rubbing shoulders with Thailand’s elite.


Snack Your Way Around Town



You’ll find plenty of exciting new flavours to try on street food stalls


As with any 24 hour guide, it has to include eating and Bangkok is no exception. In Thailand, snacking is a serious pastime, so carving out a couple of hours to take in some of the best street food snacking spots is a must. Nai Mong is a great place to start and is conveniently located right by the Wat Mangkon train station. Here they serve a very traditional snack called hoi thod. These are soft and squidgy pancakes with oysters, served hot with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce. After this head to Lao Tang down the road for delicately braised goose, marinated in a variety of pungent herbs and spices. Finally, if you’d like a snack with some real gourmet credentials then get to Jay Fai’s early. This Michelin-starred street food spot serves laid back dishes with a contemporary twist, including an unbelievably light crab omelette that’s a must try.

Don’t Forget Your Souvenirs

Just before you wave goodbye to Bangkok, stop in at the largest outdoor weekend market in the world. Chatuchak Market is home to all of the knick-knacks you could imagine, some cheap and cheerful, some veritable works of art. You’ll be able to find souvenirs at much lower prices here than anywhere else in Thailand, so come with the rest of your spending money and be prepared to leave with bags bulging.

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