1883’s Ibiza Getaway at OD Talamanca

Located in the south-east of Ibiza, just moments away from the airport, you can find OD Talamanca.

Being part of the OD Hotels group, OD Talamanca is a five-star design-focused hotel and boasts a stunning view over Talamanca, with easy access to Ibiza’s beautiful and rural UNESCO World Heritage-awarded Old Town.

The marina, exclusive beaches and the most renowned clubs are only a few miles away, which makes OD Talamanca a top location to stay at and we were lucky enough to experience it even for just 3 days.

Day 1:

We arrived at OD Talamanca within 20 minutes from the airport and were pleasantly surprised by its modern yet glamorous touch. The hotel staff welcomed us warmly with a glass of Cava – what a great way to start this mini-break!


photo courtesy of OD Talamanca


The room we were provided with represented a minimalist, sustainable vibe and was more than spacious enough to share among the two of us – it even had a balcony for us to relax and have a drink on, but most importantly it had an absolutely spectacular view over the bay and the Mediterranean sea. And don’t worry if you forgot to pack any necessities as the room not only had all the essential amenities but also had its own sex kit available for purchase at 32€.



After getting changed quickly into our swimsuits to make the most of the amazing weather, we made our way down to the pool where we were treated to wine and lunch, personally served by executive chef Silvia Nicolini who presented us with a selection of some of the best dishes on the menu tapas style. Some pool-time after lunch was an absolute must, however, it was soon time to get ready for the OD Sky Bar launch party!



Not knowing what would await us at the OD Sky Bar party on the rooftop, we got out of the elevator and immediately noticed the traditional music being played by local musicians. Almost every other hotel guest came to celebrate the opening alongside a wide drink selection and snacks, including mini burgers. It was without a doubt an incredible way to start the evening – and the cherry on top was watching the sunset with Talamanca Bay in the background.

For dinner, we were kindly invited to dine at Sa Punta, a local seafood restaurant just a stone’s throw away from the hotel. The food, which included fish, steak and other nibbles, was beyond delicious as well as the incredible cocktails were the perfect treat to wrap up the evening.


photo courtesy of Sa Punta


Day 2:

While the rest of our group went to early-morning Yoga on the rooftop, we made our way to try out the delicious breakfast, which offered everything our hearts desired: cake, croissants, juice, a huge bread selection, and variations of eggs and pancakes which we could also order off the menu from the friendly hotel staff.



Shortly after that, our Smart car was available for us to use – another service offered by OD Talamanca in order for us to explore the island. Our road trip took us to the very north of Ibiza, as well as to the west – all within only 4 hours. We discovered hidden gem S’Illot des Rencli with its pebbly beach surrounded by red cliffs and pine forest which offered a relaxing, secluded atmosphere. And then we headed to the lively sandy beach of Cala Conta with its stunning panoramic views in which you can also see the tiny islands near the coastline. The Smart car was one of the biggest highlights of the trip, as it took us around the island in such an easy, smooth way enabling us to view more places than only Talamanca Bay.


Cala Conta


For dinner, we headed to Hostal La Torre – a restaurant with probably the most extraordinarily dazzling sunset view of the entire island, located in the west. We arrived there just moments before the sun went down, and the beauty to witness it was one to remember forever. We were served a fair amount of starters, including mussels, olives, bread, calamari, patatas bravas and many more specialties of the restaurant. To end the evening, which was our last full day on the island, we headed to the iconic celebrity retreat Pikes. Although the highly celebrated party season hadn’t yet started, we partied with music by the house DJ and we were even able to catch a glimpse of the hot pink tennis court with its giant roller skate making the night more whimsical.


sunset view from Hostal La Torre


Day 3:

One last delicious breakfast and one last opportunity to soak up the early summer sun at the pool before heading off to the airport and flying back to cold London. The short trip to OD Talamanca was an amazing experience without a doubt. Hajar in concierge offered us a more personalized stay making the trip even more memorable. We will definitely be returning and highly recommend everyone to pay a visit!


photo courtesy of OD Talamanca


Standard room rates at OD Talamanca start from 270€ per night. For room upgrade and Smart car access, rates start from 310€ per night. Rates include Wi-Fi, breakfast and soft drinks in the minibar (first refill), service charges and VAT. For more information, please visit www.odtalamanca.com.



written by Antonia Künzel and Angeliki Sofronas

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