14 Different Types of Jobs in Real Estate

When you think of a job in real estate, you probably think about an agent.

There are dozens of other jobs within the industry that go beyond this, though. Let’s take a look at 14 different types of jobs in real estate.


1. Real Estate Agent 

Of course, we had to state the obvious. The number one job in real estate is becoming a licensed agent. You can easily do this by taking a real estate license course online. They are the ones who act as the salesperson to help facilitate the home buying or selling process.


2. Real Estate Broker

A broker is different from an agent. They’re the ones responsible for negotiating prices, finalizing the contracts, and overseeing all the transactions. Think of it as a step up from being an agent.


3. Showing Assistants

If an agent or broker is too busy to be able to show a house, they’ll usually hire someone to do it for them. Showing assistants are salespeople who are only there to give buyers the ability to view the house. They do not cover any contracts or questions regarding negotiations.


4. Photographer

All real estate listings need high-quality and professional photography for their listings. You can specialize in taking photos of houses and commercial real estate to make it your full-time job.


5. Landlord

As an alternative investment strategy, people will purchase multi-family homes or apartment buildings to rent out. This way, they make a passive monthly income as a landlord.


6. Leasing Agent

While the landlord is in charge of the rental properties, a leasing agent is someone who helps people looking for apartments get situated into a rental. It alleviates the process for the landlord in terms of contracts, viewings, and even sometimes evictions.


7. Real Estate Attorneys 

Yes, there are real estate lawyer who specialize in real estate legal issues. There are many contracts and legalities involved in purchasing a house or renting an apartment. You need someone with the education and certification to manage any legal issues that may arise.


8. Professional House Stager

If you have an eye for design, you may want to consider becoming a professional house stager. These people prepare homes through furniture arrangements and home decor to help buyers imagine what it could be like to live in a house.


9. Interior Designer

Interior designers are different from a professional staging team. Stagers create simplistic ideas that are specific to selling a house or renting out a property. Interior designers work for the long-term duration of a commercial or residential property.


10. House Flipper 

Another form of investing in real estate aside from rental properties is when someone wants to flip a house. This is when someone purchases a house and makes renovations to the house. Then, they’ll put it back on the market to make a profit.


11. Real Estate Marketing Specialist 

Every real estate firm, agent, or broker needs marketing. However, with all of their other obligations, they may not have the time or the experience to do it properly. Marketing professionals will specialize in real estate to be able to provide marketing consulting or services at a cost.


12. Real Estate Developer

These people typically work from the ground up. They purchase land and build either commercial, rental, or residential properties, which will then be resold upon completion.


13. Contractors

These are the people in real estate who handle the physical labor. From building the house to repairing roofs, contractors specialize in various aspects of the building process.


14. Architects 

More elaborate design work requires an architect. They’ll make sure the building is up to code, that the land can handle the build, along with any various design aesthetics the developer might want.



If you’re looking to work in the real estate industry, you’re probably surprised to learn how many different avenues there are. Figure out what aspects appeal to you, and narrow down what type of real estate jobs might be best suited for you.



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