13 Hottest female celebrities who love smoking weed: These names will surprise you.

The cannabis industry is exploding, and it seems like everyone is passing the joint nowadays, including Hollywood’s hottest celebs.

You’ll be surprised to discover the big names that are avid medicinal and recreational smokers. Some star stoners are even planting their metaphorical marijuana seeds with high THC and starting weed farms.

Celebs like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have built a name for themselves as marijuana aficionados. Recently, more female weed smokers are opening up about their love for the herb, and it’s truly refreshing.

So roll yourself a fatty and grab your telescope cause we’re going stargazing for the highest (pun intended), hottest Hollywood stars.


Lady Gaga

Calling all Little Monsters, the Mother Monster herself, is part of the famous female stoners, which comes as no surprise as there are so many Lady gaga pictures out there enjoying it. Lady Gaga isn’t shy about her cannabis use, as she said in her 2011 60 Minutes episode:” I smoke a lot of pot when I write music, so I’m not gonna, like, sugar coat it…”.

The singer/songwriter/actress consumes weed for its pain-relieving and creativity-inducing properties. Her Netflix documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two” also showed how marijuana helped the superstar manage her chronic pain from fibromyalgia.


Cameron Diaz

The renowned American actress has been on our TV screens since she was a teen and had been blazing back then too. Cameron Diaz went to Long Beach Polytechnic High School with Snoop Dogg, and he admitted to selling her “white girl weed.”

Diaz was also spotted sharing a blunt with her BFF, Drew Barrymore, when these smoking celebrity women vacationed in Hawaii.


Jennifer Aniston

America’s sweetheart, is also the country’s cutest weed actress. The adored Friends cast member enjoys smoking pot in moderation.

She’s spoken out about the unfair treatment celebs get for consuming cannabis. In her 2001 interview with Rolling Stone, she shared how the paparazzi painted a picture of her being ‘hooked on drugs’ when she was just smoking weed.


Megan Fox

In 2009, Megan told GQ magazine: “I hope they legalize it, and when they do, I’ll be the first f*cking person in line to buy my pack of joints.” She’s one of the female weed smokers who’s a well-known marijuana activist openly speaking out about America’s war on drugs.

This foxy stoner babe loves weed so much that her boyfriend MGK’s first words to her were “I am weed,” and now they’re engaged—#goals.



The hit singer has cover art on her sixth studio album, “Talk That Talk”, of her puffing. She was also spotted indulging at the Bulldog Cafe in Amsterdam and dressed up as weed for a Halloween Party. In 2012 she became an iconic meme when she rolled a blunt on her securitys’ bald head at Coachella.

The Grammy award winner is undoubtedly one of the most influential women who smoke pot.


Kate Hudson

The How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days actress has openly confessed her love for smoking weed and even lit up with her co-star Matthew McConaughey. This weed actress is the proud daughter of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, known for being a cannabis-friendly family. Her famous mom has spoken about passing a joint with both her kids.


Paris Hilton

This hotel heiress is a well-documented stoner who lived by the motto ‘smoke weed errday.’ In 2010 Paris was arrested for alleged possession of cannabis in South Africa, and gossip blogger Perez Hilton called her “one of the biggest stoners.”

The socialite is a famous female stoner and is still puffing away. She recently recorded a song with Kim Petras in her closet after hotboxing in it.


Jhene Aiko

This Cali girl is the ultimate stoner babe famous for marijuana anthems “Tryna Smoke” and “Sativa.” Jhene Aiko is one of the most well-known female celebs who smoke and puffs the good stuff for stress relief, positive vibes, and creativity. The singer/songwriter even graced the stage of the Weedmaps 4/20 celebration and took some mighty bong rips on stage.


Jennifer Lawrence

Paparazzi have mountains of pics of this pro-weed actress puffing away. Jennifer Lawrence admitted to out smoking Woody Harrelson during an interview with Adam Sandler. She has confessed to blazing with her brother before the Oscars and at Ellen DeGeneres’s birthday party—talk about a functional stoner, right?


Zoë Kravitz

One of the more prominent female weed smokers, Kravitz, is known for her role as Rob in the reinterpretation of the 2000s film High Fidelity. Her character smoked a whole lot of pot, and so does Zoë in her free time. In a recent interview for the Pedestrian, the actress said she’s been enjoying quarantine with “…baths, wine, watching films, cooking, smoking weed and listening to music.”.


Ilana Glazer

Proud stoner hottie Ilana Glazer undoubtedly makes this list of famous women who smoke pot. She shows her love of the herb in her comedy special The Planet Is Burning. The star comedian also spoke about her marijuana consumption on the hit show Broad City. She says cannabis helped her creative process and relaxed her in stressful times.


Bella Thorne

In 2018, Bella Thorne became one of the famous female stoners when she told LA Times she had a dedicated marijuana cupboard in her kitchen. The actress/model expressed her agitation over the paparazzi painting her as being hooked on hard drugs when she’s simply high on pot. She now has her own thriving cannabis brand.


Melissa Etheridge

After her breast cancer diagnosis in 2004, singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge told Billboard cannabis helped her heal. She has since purchased a license to open her cannabis manufacturing plant called Etheridge Farms Cannabis. She’s not just one of the famous women who smoke pot; she’s growing cannabis seeds too.


The list goes on

The truth is, this set of female weed smokers is only a small part of the army of beautiful celebs blazing their way into the cannabis world. Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired to light up and get higher than the stars like Lady Gaga or grow marijuana seeds like Melissa Etheridge.

What’re you waiting for? Release your inner Bella Thorne, buy the best cannabis seeds and get high on your own supply.

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