13 Hairstyles for a Radical Change

Every person wants a change at some point in their life, and many decide to start with a haircut.

After all, it’s easy, it can make you look entirely different, and if something goes wrong, the hair will grow out again. It’s not easy to decide on the cut, though – there are numerous options you can choose from, and each can look different on you.

To make your life easier, we’ve prepared a list of the best hairstyles for a radical change. From pixies and bobs to shaved temples and dreadlocks, you’ll find the best ideas for a transformation in this article. Read on!


Long Curly Bob

This gorgeous, long, and curly bob with bangs is cheery and playful. Experts from Scissor Tech UK Online recommend that you determine the length of your hair, depending on your face shape and how you will style it daily. This haircut is a great option for women who want to change their look but not go too extreme – you can wear it in various ways, for example, in a ponytail or pinned up.


Blonde Bob with Bangs

This is an excellent option for an update, especially if you’re not sure about radically changing your hair color. A bob with bangs will make your face look much rounder and bring out your cheekbones. Your face features will be highlighted in the best way possible, making you look younger.


Wavy Lob

If you want to try something other than your regular straight cut, this wavy lob is the perfect alternative. It’s long and smooth, and you can wear it either up or down. An excellent haircut like this one can add a lot of strength to your overall appearance.


Razor-Cut Haircut

A razor-cut haircut is so modern, fresh, and edgy that you won’t find it in any other hairstyle. You can go for an undercut, an asymmetrical cut, or a shaved part – the choice is yours. This style will make you feel bolder, more self-confident, and ready to take on the world!


Ombre Bob

This eye-catching haircut has made its way into our hearts, and it’s here to stay. An ombre bob combines two colors in one style – a dark base with lighter strands of hair. You can go for this look if you want something different but subtle at the same time.


Angled Bob with Layers

This angled bob brings out all your best facial features. It’s a great choice if you have a round face because it will highlight your cheekbones and give you an oval-shaped face. The layers will provide you with volume, and the cut will make you look much thinner as well!


Pixie Cut with a Shaved Side

A pixie cut is another popular hairstyle that looks great on everyone who wears it. There are numerous ways of styling it – you can leave it long or cut it short. If you want to create a cool rock‘n’roll type of vibe, then why not shave one side? If you’re not sure about that kind of look, try keeping everything else the same length but cutting the side down to 3 inches.


Side-Shave Balayage Bob

A balayage bob is another incredible variation of brightening up your short hair. You can choose from a variety of colors, including pastel tones or bright, bold shades. If you want to highlight just one side, this is the ideal hairstyle for that purpose. The shaved side adds a lovely touch to this trendy bob cut.


Long Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

This long wavy hairstyle will make you feel like a Hollywood starlet! It’s beautiful and feminine and will help you feel confident and fabulous at the same time! Try wearing it loose or pinned up for various easy looks that are perfect for literally any occasion.


Dark and Light Balayage Bob

This hairstyle is sure to take your breath away because it has so many different elements that come together perfectly! It’s a dark bob made with balayage techniques that make it stand out from the crowd. A bob like this might be a bit challenging to recreate at home, but if you’re lucky enough to find someone skilled enough to style your hair like this, then go for it!


Short Bob with Blonde Highlights

This cute bob has a light feel to it, and it’s ideal if you want to go for something short and chic but not too edgy. It suits almost every face shape, and it’s super easy to style! You can leave it as-is or curl it if you’re going out for the night.


Long Blonde Bob With Bangs

A long blonde bob is one of the most popular hairstyles for women today. It’s easy to wear, and the color is fresh and vibrant without being too flashy. Even though this is a long style, you can still create a variety of looks with it.


Medium Length Wavy Bob

This is a cute bob with wavy layers that become more prominent the longer your hair is. This hairstyle with layers will make your hair look thicker and full of volume. If you have textured hair, then this is a perfect look for you. Besides, it’s a great hairstyle for those who don’t want to go too short, and it works really well on medium-length hair.


Final Note

There is no better way to wipe the slate clean than getting a new hairstyle. And the upcoming spring months make it even more tempting! So why resist when you can get a massive energy boost in the nearest hairdressing salon? Just make sure that you are entrusting your hair to the pros!


Do not be afraid of experimenting with your hair! After all, life is short, and your hair will grow back anyway.


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