10 Types of Kush You Need to Try in 2022

Scientists have identified over 700 strains of cannabis. A large amount of these strains fall under the designation of being a “Kush”. What is Kush? They are a large category of weed strains.

Kush strains are renowned for their heavy sedative effects. They tend to be Indicas rather than Sativas. There are many types of Kush, but most have some purple coloration and very dense buds.

All Kush strains trace their roots back to the Kush Mountain range in India, hence their name. Check out this comprehensive list of the 10 best Kush strains that you need to try. Any stoner would be delighted to puff on them.


  1. OG Kush

OG Kush’s name is fitting as it is the first strain of Kush that many people became familiar with. It is after all the original gangster of Kush. OG Kush is a Hybrid meaning that it won’t sedate you too much. It is a classic Kush to try.


  1. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a heavy Indica that makes users feel relaxed and stimulates their appetite. Most experts agree that this variety of Kush is a crossbreed of OG Kush and Northern Lights, but some trace its roots back to Afghanistan.


  1. Blueberry Kush

Known for its distinctive taste, Blueberry Kush is a favorite among suffers of insomnia. Its strong sedative effects can lull even the most restless mind to sleep.


  1. CBD Kush

For marijuana users that don’t want a reality-morphing high, CBD Kush is a great option. The derivative of Kandy Kush and other high CBD strains, CBD Kush is a balanced CBD to THC 1:1.

If you are wondering where to buy Kush high in CBD you should contact a CBD farm direct to get the best deal. You may even be able to find CBD weed that doesn’t have any THC at all.


  1. Afghan Kush

Known to many as the father of all Indica genetics, Afghan Kush hails from the high mountain ranges of the Middle East. Its intoxicating sleepy effects will keep you relaxed and enjoying life.


  1. Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is known for its purple tint and mild sedative effects. It is less intense and sedative than Afghan Kush. It hails from the mountain ranges around Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.


  1. Master Kush

Master Kush is a Hybrid first bred in Amsterdam. Growers combined two landrace Hindu Kush strains to make it. A landrace strain bears the name of the place where it was grown.


  1. Jack Kush

Jack Kush is a less paralyzing version of Kush than its brothers. Growers crossbred popular Sativa Jack Herer with Master Kush to produce this balanced Hybrid.


  1. Purple Kush

Resinous, purple, and strong Purple Kush is a classic variety best smoked before a meal or bedtime. Its beautiful purple coloration is what inspires its name.


  1. Cali Kush

Cali Kush is a bit of an odd duck for the category as it provides energetic and uplifting effects. It is a balanced Hybrid that doesn’t couch-lock or over-energize its users.


Try All the Types of Kush

These 10 types of Kush can be your starting point in your journey as a stoner. Try all of them before branching out and seeing what other types of Kush are out there.

Pick a few of your favorites from this article and give them a try. You never know they could become your new favorite strains. For other great information like this make sure to take a look around the rest of our site.


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